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Historical pixelart

This awesome pixelart covers the most console gaming industry products.
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[personal profile] keltik2009-06-16 05:51 pm

Assasins Creed FTL

I bought this when it first came out, along with COD 4. I played COD 4 first and didn't even look at Assasins Creed till a couple of days ago. I must admit I was very disapointed, VERY fucking disapointed, I really did expect better from Ubisoft, especially with all their talk of how this was a new type of game with a fully interactive world that would react depending on your actions. The thing that really got me was the over simplistic controls. Press R1 + X to do 103874729 different actions. Wheres the fun in that? Theres no skill or work involved, just run up to a building, press and hold the buttons and the game does all the work! Hence my previous post.

In summary, Assasins Creed sucks ass.
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[personal profile] keltik2009-05-29 11:50 pm
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